Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Changing Fashion Landscape

According to the innovative software Company Lectra the Fashion ecosystem is changing fast. The fashion industry is predicted to change as much in the next ten years as it has over the last 100. Consolidation, computerization and globalization are the major disruptions of today, and will continue to be as they morph and change. Fashion designers are at the forefront of these disruptions. The distinctions between Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers that have defined fashion for the last several decades are now being tested by a multitude of factors, including a difficult economic context and changing consumer desires. Emerging hybrid models are changing the landscape of the Fashion’s business and helping companies thrive in a world of growing complexity.
Social and economic changes have transformed the way fashion is designed, developed, produced and consumed. To keep up with ever-changing challenges, expanding markets and to build a better product, companies need to adapt how they work. Global Fashion Technology Federation. org is the place that Fashion businesses can get the education, technologies and information that will help them achieve that competitive advantages they are seeking. To learn more Global Fashion Technology

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