Monday, October 14, 2019

CE Week 2019 "The Future of Fashion "

The Future of Fashion
by Tear Johnson


The creative innovations of the 20th century brought about many amazing changes in the way we live, work, and play.  With the development of new technologies in major industries such as electronics, and other consumer product areas we have watch the world change as the advances in technology escalates. The technology has incorporated into our lives in many ways.  Computers, lab top, cell phones, digital camera, electric cars and other essential are part of our everyday living. Many of us cannot imagine live without our cell phones.  The major break through in technologies did not happen over night.  The new innovations have been in the planning for many years. The development and use of technology in the apparel and fashion industry has brought about many new changes in how products and fashion are developed and marketed.

Wearable Technology / Fashion Ready to Wear

Half way into the second decade of the 21 century, new industries are being develop.  Protective clothing has always been a main stay of the Military and Police departments., not for the general public. Through research and Product development, fashion apparel product that enhance and protect lives are now available to the entertainment industry politicians, and others in a way we had not expected. Over the past 2 decades, Americans has seen gun violence grow and many lives lost. Using the advances in Technology to protect the environment, new consumer Protective Fashion Apparel producers have started to make in roads. One such company is Body Armor.

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                                                      Fashion Tech LED Innovation

                                               Fashion Tech 3D Print Design

                                             Circuit Boards for Integration

                                              Fashion Tech Designers Panel Discussion

                                                     Robotic Receptionist

                                                       3D Necklace

                                                  3D Footwear

                                              Virtual Reality
                                                      3D Handbags

                                                      Internet of Fashion TV

Fashion has expanded into all areas of technology.  See our full marketing report in February 2020